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Australian International Education November 2011 SWOT Central Eastern Europe UK Turkey


• Work rights and part time employment opportunities, especially Melbourne.

• Knight visa review recommendations benefitting university and pathways.

• Property markets softening with more plentiful and cheaper rentals.

• Knight visa streamlining giving responsibility to institutions on visa compliance which should ensure ongoing communication with candidates onshore i.e. good marketing.

• Greater choice of English test for student visa versus IELTS.


• Lack of knowledge, skills, marketing strategy, planning and feedback on (digital) marketing.

• Significant student increases from five+ years from Turkey i.e. ELICOS and VET, have been lost in past two years, while Higher Education share insignificant compared to just USA (< 2.5%).

• Knight student visa review may not assist stand alone ELICOS and/or vocational/TAFE candidates in short term, and only university starters for 2013?

• Restrictions on immigration and PR for international students, high fees and cost of living in Australia, e.g. AUD has increased 50% against Turkish Lira and Hungarian Forint past 18 months, 25% against EUR.


• Cooperative, economic, effective and measurable international marketing strategies using digital channels at national, state and institutional level.

. Greece with much interest in Melbourne especially if family, relatives, friends and community can support.

• Wealth of resources, advice, strategies and feedback for digital marketing including social media, available for international education marketing from U.S. and European professionals in public domain online e.g. LinkedIn.

• Turkey 65+ private universities operating and planned (majority with English language tuition): Turkish and other students e.g. Iranian, Russian, EU etc., offshore programs, twinning or 2 + 2 (offshore VET transferring to Australian degree), EU project cooperation, provision of teaching personnel, English study tours, internships etc. to meet growing demand for foreign language skills, qualifications and experience.

• Direct liaison with private university career/study advisory centres (65+), private K12s (100+) and Turkish university entrance exam preparation centres (200+).

• Potential for recruitment from and growth of private higher education institutions in Balkans e.g. Romania (30+), Greece (20+), Serbia (10+), Croatia (10+), Hungary (15+) etc.

• Need for sustained macro “high impact” promotion of Australia through electronic and digital media in Europe.


• Interest in Australia has waned alarmingly while no effective (digital) promotional strategies for Europe and Turkey from Australia to market and communicate e.g. planned positive Knight review changes, and study in Australia generally. For example in Turkey recently, a state marketing body used digital via Google Adwords, in English, to promote attendance of their personnel for two days at an education fair, but not education institutions’ websites!

• International administrative managers without digital marketing or other niche education skills may become redundant according to recent literature “Gen Y The Doom of Middle Managers”.

• Continued weakness in European economies, employed mature post graduate candidates will not risk taking leave, many potential PR pathways closed, and still widespread perception visas difficult, or visa applications rejected arbitrarily or delayed unnecessarily, i.e. Australia “has taken away welcome mat”.

• Recommended Knight visa changes may encourage rush of candidates to SOL pathways e.g. accounting, along with lack of enrolled candidate oversight to ensure compliance, leading to restrictions returning.

• Strength of AUD, competition from other high profile markets e.g. U.K., Canada, U.S., and non traditional destinations including Turkey itself.

• YOK i.e. Turkish Higher Education Authority unclear on recognition of degrees where credit transferred from VET and/or university preparation pathways.

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