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International Education Marketing Market Intelligence Development Digital Turkey Central Europe

AIEC QUEST Market Development, Digital Marketing Strategy and Metrics 2011/12

Turkey Market Development and Presence:

AIEC is now based in Turkey (regionally) and Hungary for much of the year with Istanbul based partner Hasan Metin of IntentEdu International Education Consulting, in private university teaching centre Istanbul.  AIEC is promoting directly to counsellors and career advisors in 65+ private universities and 100+ other private high schools etc., with ongoing liaison and participation where posssible at spring career days March-May 2012.

IntentEdu owner Hasan Metin has background in teaching (Turkey & US), finance industry and academic research, while AIEC trades on reputation i.e. AIEC is Australian (born) and has education background, while many prospective candidates will not deal with Turkish agents.

AIEC and IntentEdu will be consulting with and assisting Turkish (and CEE) institutions with Australian (and CEE) relationships, direct faculty links, 2 + 2 transfers, teacher recruitment etc.

Subscribing partners will also have access to contact directory for all the above, and related market intelligence in Turkey, including digital channels, plus benefits of AIEC digital marketing. This will be expanded to private education sectors in Romania, Greece, Hungary and other Central Eastern European markets in 2012/13.

AIEC has commenced digital branding campaigns via Facebook and Google Adwords.

Digital Marketing & SEO:

AIEC website, blogs and Facebook page presently receive 40,000+ views and visitors monthly in 12+ languages, i.e. economic, effective and sustainable branding to increase awareness and interest in CEE and Turkey; for AIEC, Study in Australia and institutional subscribers (for whom we can also consult on independent digital marketing and tools, for desktop marketing from Australia).

AIEC website has Google Page Rank of 5/6 and now appears on first search page for most search terms in Google Turkish and Hungarian, plus English and other languages.

Website traffic top 10 source countries are Turkey, Hungary, Australia, UK, USA, Greece, India, Poland, Serbia and Germany.

AIEC will focus on marketing and attracting interest for subscribing partners, English &/or internships, tourism & hospitality, tv/film & digital media, specific niches and institutions who appreciate digital i.e. monitor relevant web traffic, plus acknowledge traffic and enquiries driven by AIEC (and other agents).

AIEC (like other agents elsewhere) is happy to offer institutions logo on our homepage receiving benefits of AIEC digital promotion and marketing, attracting direct traffic, but quid pro quo, if we are offered feedback (via Google Analytics) in return, costs nothing🙂

AIEC commences targettted digital marketing campaigns November:

Facebook (targetting demographic of single 18-28 year olds in Turkey, potential demographic of 3.5 million for branding with advert appearing on 400,000+ webpages/views, and 400+ click throughs).

Google Adwords (targetting those with interest in studying in Australia where AIEC adverts appear on same search page) in Turkey, plus Hungary, Slovenia and U.K. for subscribing partners, repeated again December/January, with metrics/feedback. Curious feedback via keywords, most interest in Australian immigration, Study in Brisbane and cookery (more details for subscribers).

Digital reaches far more significant targetted audience all year round versus one off education fairs and events, for a much lower cost and more measurable outcomes (thus increasing productivity, while reducing travel costs and carbon footprint).

Digital Marketing Case Study:

In 2006 AIEC persuaded a Group of 8 university to run banner for one week at cost of AUD2000 on latter major study abroad portal where they received 35,000 banner views, 4500 click throughs to website. At concurrent IEFT Education Fair at cost of AUD5000 for same university, AIEC evaluated attendees and outcomes, result “0”. What happened at university end? Nothing…… later investigation revealed 28 direct English &/or university applications &/or offers but no CoEs as candidates were neither followed up nor agents informed…..

Variety of feedback from universities attending fairs was “we don’t check direct enquiries because too many…”, “we outsource direct enquiries to somebody else e.g. Study Link” and “if we used digital we would not need to travel”.

All prospective students are now online and better institutional marketing focuses on digital marketing and promotional strategies, with on campus marketing i.e. ensuring student welfare and quality education experience that is then communicated by “word of mouth” digitally or face to face.

AIEC QUEST Australian International Education Centre.

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