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Universities Australia Marketing International Student Experience

Research announced into the experience of overseas students in Australia. Universities in Australia are being given grants to research the experience of international students studying in the country.

The grants are part of a nationwide project to discover more about the experiences of students from overseas when they come to study in Australia…..

…..Universities Australia received 72 submissions and is awarding grants to seven universities based on how likely they are to create a better understanding of the needs of international students and their importance to the broader community and how they intend to highlight the contributions that universities make in regard to international students and their experience.

Projects are to be completed by 31 May 2012, after which a report on the project outcomes will be published. Individual project reports will also be made available. The project outcomes and recommendations for the Australian Higher Education Sector will be presented at an Education Conference in 2012.

Universities need grants to market effectively? Surprised this has not been compulsory for any state institution as most understand the most influential marketing is via word of mouth thus it is important to know what students are thinking, how did they find institution e.g. which digital channels, their social/academic welfare and visa compliance? AIEC conducted similar research over ten years ago…… even faced obstacles then with feedback from education faculty professor that such activity assessing was about business, not education!

For full article by Universities Australia click here.

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