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Australia News Study Work Visa Immigration Life

The Australian economy is expected to grow in 2012 due to strength of Asia, while Europe and USA have economic problems.

Unemployment remains low in Australia but under employment is significant, but much part time employment for international students and working holiday travellers working in hospitality, fast food, transport, aged care, health care, agriculture and child care; with Melbourne and Perth having most part time employment opportunities.

Australia has high private debt, while public or government debt is modest compared to Europe and USA.  Much private debt is through buying real estate or property when at record high prices.  However, prices are going down, property for sale is increasing, and attractive for renters short term in and prospective buyers in future.

Australia’s population growth, or Net Overseas Migration NOM has slowed a lot due to less skilled immigration and big drops in numbers of international students.  The Skilled Occupation List remains the same, focus upon engineering, sciences, information technology, education, accounting, health care and most trade occupations.

Numbers of international students looking to study in Australia may increase again due to changes in student visa system from the Knight Visa Review, with new system starting 1st July.

However, the Australian government has not publicly encouraged  welcome back of international students due to negative Australian media, special interest groups i.e. environmental and anti immigration lobbies, and politicians promoting negative views amongst Australians about immigration, refugees, population growth and international students, for domestic political gain.

Unfortunately Australia has not communicated the message to the world that the “White Australia” policy ended over 40 years ago and that foreigners are welcome.  Politicians, media, ageing population and baby boomers of all political persuasions have become more conservative and politely xenophobic.  However, thankfully this is evidence of Australians being ironic because Australia is an immigration nation of diverse nationalities, languages, colours and religions.

Australia needs a continuing immigration program to replace ageing population due baby boomers starting to retire, maintain tax base to fund state pensions, health care, infrastructure, and future security as old allies such as the USA and UK have financial issues themselves.

Changes for international students are English tests including IELTS, Cambridge and TOEFL, choice of streamlined or easier visa applications for university or higher education (and pathways via English courses and vocational higher education pathways), plus in addition to student work rights, university or higher education degree graduates can also take a post graduate work visa for two years.

Vocational and TAFE education also offer higher education pathways and degrees at half the cost of university with vocational or trade occuaptions in top skills shortages or demand.

Increased competition among international airlines with Etihad/Virgin Australia, Emirates and Qatar Airways helping with lower fares and higher quality service compared with traditional airlines.

International visitors including tourists and working holiday visa travellers may find Australia to be expensive due to high Australian dollar, but the tourism industry is doing more to provide better value, and you can always shop round or bargain for cheaper accommodation and rentals, plus look at regional options where cots of living is much lower.

All in all, Australia does have a future being the Lucky Country located geographically in the engine room of world economic growth i.e. Asia Pacific in the Asian century.

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