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Australia Knight Review New Student Visa System Implementation 2012

Knight Student Visa Review – Implementation of Recommendations

What will be the impact and responsibilities be for higher education institutions and the ESOS Act.?

What will be the key points of accountability or performance indicators that institutions must achieve to remain within streamlined system?

What will be the impact upon education agents’ and consultants’ marketing, recruitment and visa assistance services (and the plethora of informal sub agents that institutions are not aware of)?

Does anyone know?

For any system to work it must include all participants and resources that have been proven to be effective i.e. candidates, word of mouth, digital channels and agents.

For the proactive institution, system assurance and integrity measures to appease VC’s, DIAC and political masters may include:

Apportion responsibility to agents?

Or, like DIAC has been doing, International Offices vetting and interviewing every (perceived high risk) applicant in cooperation with agents (offshore and onshore), for genuineness, financial support and intention to return home e.g. via Skype (physically interviewing all offshore would be cost prohibitive)?

Use only IDP to do the same in return for higher commissions or students pay consulting fee?

Outbound or offshore activity would be prohibitive resource wise for institutions to conduct independently, conversely it would be logical for focus and resources to move inbound or onshore?

Inbound process starts, or even better continues, on campus where every new starter and enrolled candidates are interviewed personally or surveyed on a regular basis by International Offices to assess welfare, academic progress, which communication channels (i.e. how did they find institution in the first place) and future intentions?

This should ensure an institution not only has a compliance system in place but it exemplifies good marketing practice, quality assurance and environmental credentials (resources focussed on actual candidates versus travel and events).

This would be the result of proactively ensuring student well being, retention (maintaining income), which marketing channels are effective (especially digital), good word of mouth and fore warning on risk of overstay.

The resources required to develop the above strategy were common sense, (back of) a cigarette packet, a cup of cocoa, 20-30 minutes and a netbook computer……..

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4 Responses to “Australia Knight Review New Student Visa System Implementation 2012”

  1. Following is from the blog of a MARA migration consultant explaining how visa officers have been given an impossible task by the government who obviously listens more to their advisors, media and opinion polls:

    Assessing the Genuine Temporary Entrant Criterion for Student Visa Applications

    Prior to 5 November 2011 to be granted a Student Temporary visa you had to convince a case officer at DIAC that you were a “genuine student”.

    Post 5 November 2011 to be granted a Student Temporary visa you have to convince a case officer at DIAC that you are BOTH a “genuine temporary entrant” & “a genuine student”. (GTE & GS respectively from now on)

    If you’re into reading the source material for this article you can find the Ministerial Direction under section 499 of the Migration Act 1958 (Direction 53) here…

    The first obvious pair of questions are –

    Can you be a GTE while not being a GS?

    Can you be a GS while not being a GTE?

    The answer to both is YES. You can be a GTE by being, for example, a genuine visitor or a genuine temporary worker with no intention to study in Australia. I’d venture to suggest that the vast majority of recent foreign students have been GS but not GTE, as successful study was seen (and widely sold even by the Federal government) as a pathway to permanent residence in Australia.

    Not any more it seems. If you harbour somewhere deep in your heart a desire to remain here permanently as a result of your successful studies, and a case officer, by applying the Direction 53 guidelines can divine this desire they must refuse your student visa application.

    OK, that’s rather over dramatic but please consider the poor case officer. As they open your application either physically or electronically for a new student visa or even for a further student visa, running through their head must now be considerations of –

    a) Your potential circumstances in Australia

    b) The value of the course you’ve applied for to your future

    c) Your immigration history

    d) Your circumstances in your home country

    e) If a relative of yours has an ‘immigration history of concern’

    f) Information in statistical, intelligence and analysis reports on immigration fraud and immigration compliance

    g) If you’re a minor – the intentions of a parent, legal guardian or spouse.

    h) Finally they can request any additional information and/or further evidence considered appropriate.

    WOW I’m glad all that is running around in my head!

    I’m sorry but it is my view that this is a joke. Your therapist, psychologist, psychiatrist or even your life coach does not have this level of concern for your wellbeing. If this Direction is applied as it is written almost no one will be able to get a Student visa.

    If we assume that the aim of this exercise is not to completely close down the foreign student market in Australia then case officers must be going to treat these guidelines via some completely subjective set of what can only be wildly inconsistent individual or small group notions, and that’s my problem with the whole GTE / Direction 53 approach. It is not possible to apply these guidelines consistently in single room full of case officers let alone in multiple Australian and foreign venues. However the case officer MUST COMPLY WITH THE DIRECTION. So what that means in Santiago will not be the same as in New Delhi or Shanghai or Melbourne – it cannot be.

    Whose brilliant idea was it to create an impossible set of totally subjective criteria ranging over so many fields? If students keep flowing into Australia case officers MUST be ignoring these guidelines. If they apply these guidelines I really don’t see how the vast majority of potential students can meet them.

  2. Here is the first part of the blog giving background to government’s now obsession about genuine students and genuine temporary entrants, pity if Australia wants to maintain an immigration program….

    No wonder after Knight Review recommendations universities and higher education sectors were warned to put the champagne back on ice……..

    • once my visa refused because i got interview call the decision was not having intention regarding studies .
      Course was Diploma of Business .
      what should i do know ?

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