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Australia Tourism Hospitality Food Industry – Education Training in Australia

Australia’s tourism, hospitality and food industries are some of our largest domestic and international export industries, especially due to our location in Asia, in the “Asian Century”.

Internationally Australia has tourists and visitors from Europe, Britain, USA and most importantly Asia including China, Japan, India and South Korea.

Australia has many internationally famous natural sights and UN Heritage listed areas including Ayers Rock, Kakadu, Great Barrier Reef, tropical or Tasmanian rainforests, ocean beaches, sophisticated cities and friendly diverse population.  Australian capital cities, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Sydney and Melbourne feature in The Economist magazine’s top ten most liveable cities in the world.

Join the droves of young people who choose Australia to fulfil their dream of a gap year, career break, working holiday or overseas study. Australia offers endless opportunities for adventure and a warm, friendly, relaxed lifestyle.Learn about Australia’s working holiday visas, study visas and volunteer opportunities.

See the Tourism Australia official website click here.

As agriculture is one of Australia’s most important primary and export industries, there are also significant food processing, wine and related niche industries.

Of course this leads onto hospitality and restaurant industry with homegrown ingredients and influences from immigration and Australia’s diverse multicultural society.

In Australian cities you can find many cafes, bistros, restaurants and more with cuisine having Asian, Middle Eastern, and European influences.

As the largest single employer in Australia, the tourism and hospitality industry offers a huge range and diversity of career paths and a very rewarding future.

See Study Work Australia Facebook Page.

For any student wishing to train, study, work and travel in Australia there are many choices from short training courses, volunteer organic farm work, Asian languages, certificates, diplomas, degrees (with credit transfer), masters and paid internships in the culinary industry, hotel, tourism and event management:

ETI WA Education & Training International Western Australia – TAFE Hospitality and Tourism Education & Training in Perth. CRICOS Codes: 00020G & 01723A.

Impact English College Melbourne Barista & Cafe English, English & Bartending. CRICOS 02995B.

Further, there are also opportunities for institutional relationships, joint research and degrees with universities, state technical institutes and private training colleges.

AIEC consults with both students for career or personal development, and institutions seeking Australian partners.

For more information about Australia tourism and hospitality study and work opportunities via AIEC Australian International Education Centre Budapest & Istanbul contact Andrew Smith

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