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Migration slows along with boat arrivals. Last year’s political posturing and grandstanding over boat arrivals may not have been one of the most edifying episodes in Australian history. But, as deterrent strategies go, it turns out the strategy of thinly veiled racism and hostility towards asylum seekers was a remarkably successful one…..

….But Australians have always had a hard time keeping the asylum seeker issue in perspective.

When surveyed by Essential Media in 2010, a third of Australians thought boat arrivals account for 10 per cent plus of Australia’s total immigration intake. A further third ”didn’t know” and the rest guessed, more accurately, the boat arrival share at less than 5 per cent.
For all the political scaremongering, most immigrants arrive on business visas, student visas and on family reunion visas.Of total population growth each year, about half comes from natural increases – births minus deaths – and about half from net overseas migration – inbound immigration minus permanent departures.

Immigrants bring the skills needed to fill shortages and fuel economic growth. They also put pressure on urban infrastructure and housing.

But if the population debate has slipped somewhat off the radar, there’s a reason: immigration has slowed dramatically in recent years……
It’s my kind of town, say 666,000 new Melburnians. MELBOURNE has added 666,000 new residents – equivalent to a third of a Brisbane – in a decade of growth that has outpaced anything any Australian city has seen before.

THE Gillard government is to make it easier for American workers to fill skill shortages in Australia’s mining and construction sectors. In a move aimed at taking advantage of high North American jobless rates, US workers in licensed occupations, such as electricians and plumbers, will have their qualifications assessed before they leave for Australia, meaning they can be granted immediate access to provisional Australian licences on arrival.


Foreign students say some Australian universities are dumb. SOME Australian university courses are like being “back in grade 2”, the head of an international students group has said. Council of International Students Australia president Arfa Noor told an education conference the country would not attract the best and brightest from overseas until universities lifted their game.
‘Asian Century’ leads to influx of Chinese tourists. CHINESE tourists are visiting Australia in record numbers, helping offset a fall in travellers from traditional western markets such as the UK. The number of visitors from China grew by 17 per cent over the past year, jumping an even greater 27 per cent during January for Chinese New Year celebrations.

Tourism Australia said the latest Australian Bureau of Statistics figures show an industry in transition, with a significant shift away from the “far world” towards the “near world” during what is being touted as the “Asian Century”.
Changes to Australian Student Visa System from Knight Review. The majority of the stage two Knight Review changes commenced on 24 and 26 March 2012. This includes streamlined visa processing for certain university applicants from 24 March 2012. Other stage two Knight Review changes are proposed to commence later in 2012 and in early 2013.

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