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International Education Digital Marketing Central Eastern Europe Turkey

International Education Marketing Central Eastern Europe Turkey – SWOT Market Analysis


New higher education visa system and plans for roll out to TAFE, some private providers, and indirect benefits for VET and ELICOS.

Degrees in private colleges and TAFE, plus credit transfer & pathways, with not just lower fees but less onerous payment policies e.g. term payments.

Part time hospitality etc. work opportunities for international students, independent of slowdown in mainstream economy, especially Melbourne, Perth and Sydney.

More house and flat rentals available with less demand at lower rates due to softening market and significant slowdown in population growth/NOM (i.e. international students, long term travellers, temp workers and their dependents, and related impacts for which politicians and media are only now appearing to understand……).


High AUD, negative perceptions toward international education and subjective decisions made by visa officers ascertaining whether candidates are both Genuine Students GS and Genuine Temporary Entrants GTE for fear of immigration risk (although legal)

Neither effective (digital) marketing of positive visa changes nor study in Australia, by national and state bodies, accordingly any positive message will be left to agents and student “word of mouth” i.e. impact seen in 2013?

Preference for expensive physical promotional events (Canadian universities complained recently in Istanbul of fair with too many walk ins from street and “fishing” for scholarships i.e. waste of time and money). Same fairs that Austrade “partners with” and encourages Australian institutions to participate in…..

“Sexed up” or “window dressed” statistics from DEEWR Austrade Turkey whereby all enrolments of students both offshore/onshore are included, cumulative over several years i.e. same students can be counted several times, cancellations apparently also included; to become meaningless for analysis. What appears to be around 1500 maybe more like 500 new commencements from offshore annually?


Turkey AL2 for VET, Bulgaria (?!) becoming AL1 for all sectors, much more significant interest from Croatia, Slovenia, Hungary, Serbia, Greece and Romania due to economic situation and future in CEE (plus Iran via AIEC networks but visas problematic).

The “Asian Century” whereby more in Turkey understand the importance of Asia due to recent high level visit by their PM and ministers (as opposed to the traditional focus upon the US or EU)

AIEC strategy has moved onto communicating directly to specific faculty in private institutions in Turkey (and Central Europe), and doing same for subscribing partners, potential for 2+2, ELICOS, “gap year”, VET career training etc., i.e. shorter periods of study.

This is complemented by digital marketing both organic (tweaking and modifying marketing blogs) and paid campaigns via Facebook for all partners in selected markets.

AIEC via Turkish partner now uses Inlingua Language Centre in Istanbul as physical contact point (if needed). This branch is on the European side in Taksim in high traffic area, while the Asian side branch has 300+ “middle class” students.


Turkey affected by slowdown in the EU, its major trading partner, like CEE economies are already, unemployment up to 10%.

Negative perceptions toward Australia remain regarding visa and immigration changes in past 4 years.

Traditional destinations e.g. USA has reasserted itself, while UK, Canada, EU, Malta and Eastern Europe remain strong due to proximity, price advantage and perceived ease of gaining visas.

Digital Maketing & Consulting:

AIEC has standing offer for digital marketing in CEE & Turkey, with direct promotion to, and liaison with, private universities/institutions careers centres and faculty.

AIEC has already commenced promotion to and liaison with tourism & hospitality, film/tv & related in Turkey, to be followed by private high schools, business, health/medical, engineering, IT and specific partner requests (will also replicate in CEE).

2011 digital focussed upon marketing blogs in various languages including subscribing partners starting with institutional profile blogs, which will continue to be adapted for SEO, i.e. being found via Google searches.

2012 digital marketing will focus upon Facebook campaigns both generic and for individual partners in Turkey, Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Romania, Greece, UK and where partners find interest emerging via Google Analytics.

For example, a two day Facebook campaign in Turkey has potential reach of 22 million 18-30 year olds, 750,000 impressions/views, 500+ click throughs, at minimum very effective branding without requiring physical presence.

Annual subscription fees will increase significantly 2013 i.e. 50% taking into account footprint or digital presence created plus market intelligence and social capital acquired by AIEC.

AIEC QUEST Australian International Education Centre Budapest & Istanbul.

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