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Study in Perth Western Australia Studija u Perthu

Josip from Croatia talks about studying at Education & Training International Western Australia ETI WA and living in Perth.

At TAFE the computers are very slow, so to get them started you need 30 min, and my patience is not really big so I don’t use their computers much.

In general can not complain. I love to study there. I love the position of the Central Institute of Technology TAFE Perth, it is 5 min walk from the main city center, it is beautiful campus, only bad thing is, what is very important for my studies, that their networking system (internet connection, computers are beyond bad), but that is not a issue now.

At first I wanted to go to University, as you know, but because of too high, I will also say unreal, tuition costs so I looked for cheaper option, that is how I found TAFE.

I am 29 years old, I done lot of things in my life, but my main call was journalism and mechanical engineering studies, so I had seen and heard a lot of things, but Central Institute of Technology (Central TAFE) was new to me, and one of the best things that happened to me.

For the first time in my life I am learning real life stuff and gaining skills I can use, not just reading the books. I love hands on projects, and the fact that learning program on TAFE is adjusted to each individual. It means that you can progress trough the units wit the speed you use. I was also amazed with the lecturers who are always there to help, on email, phone… I love my each day studding there, and can be seen by my results.

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