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GDP has increased annually at rate of 4.2% and unemployment remains steady at 5.1% although significant underemployment, while AUD remains strong, though sentiment of most Australians, government opposition and media remain negative with high levels of household debt.

Property prices have started to decrease from highs and cities like Melbourne already down 10%+ in past year with more apartments coming onto the market, plus record high levels of stock on market.

Skill Shortages exist in most trade or vocational areas, in addition to professional, engineering, IT and health/ medical according to Clarius Skills Index.

Immigration continues with skilled occupation list SOL reflecting need to fill short term skill shortages via 457 temporary visas in mining sector, and permanent skilled immigration with ageing population and baby boomers retiring. For more information see Immigration website.

Streamlined Student Visa Processing has been introduced for universities with plans for TAFE and some private higher education institutions to be included later in 2012 for 2013 enrolments.  This means that students will be treated as AL1, i.e. if institution makes offer student will be accepted as Assessment Level 1 (AL1) with visa application submitted online with no need to show financials, and graduates of two years higher education study will be granted a 2 year post graduate work visa. For more information see Immıgration website.

Endeavour Scholarships for research, higher education and vocational education close 30 June. For details see Endeavour website.

Tourism Australia has a new video campaign, see video on YouTube.

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