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Changing face of marketing from Study Travel Magazine.

Marketing has been driven to new heights by technology, but offline marketing tools and attendance at trade events remain important. The key for marketers is to shape a strategy that incorporates both old and new into one holistic marketing drive. Gillian Evans reports.

With the Internet revolution, marketers have never had so many tools at their disposal – search engine marketing (SEM), social media marketing, viral marketing and e-marketing are the new buzz words in the marketing world. But with the advent of online marketing, there has been a fundamental change: the marketer is no longer in the driving seat; now it’s all about the consumer.

People are not passive consumers any more; they have a world of opportunities at their fingertips. Audiences have expanded but also fragmented and the new marketing currency is billions of spontaneous one-to-one and peer-to-peer conversations. For all marketers, the challenge is to harness the new tools at their disposal whilst also incorporating more traditional marketing media, to ensure they stand out from the crowd. It’s been a big shift for the marketing world.

…..What social media, such as Facebook and Twitter, has done is accelerate the impact of personal endorsement. Potential clients have more choice, are able to discuss them with previous clients, and make informed decisions themselves….

…With social media being the foremost channel of communication for the 18-to-25-year-old demographic, it’s the ideal marketing tool for the education industry, whose main client base falls into this age category…..

…Arguably the biggest transformation in marketing tools has been the shift from printed brochures and advertisements to the web….

…“[Our] website is, for very obvious reasons, the most important marketing tool: it is relatively cheap, available all over the world, it reaches new clients who have never heard of us before through search engines, it is always up to date – whereas the brochures become outdated after some months – and it reaches millions of users. It has obviously taken the place that 20 years ago our intensive brochure mailing campaigns took.”

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