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Australia Racism International Education Immigration

So it turns out plenty of us are Dumb, Drunk and Racist.  …The show was intended to pick up on a news article from last year that revealed Indian call centre workers were trained to believe Australians were “dumb, drunk and racist” – a stereotype reinforced by many in the media there.  Our original intent was to go to India, pick up four locals and bring them back to Australia to show them we weren’t so bad after all. Unfortunately we were proven wrong.

Visa changes for Australia.  These days, the high Australian dollar has made things that much more difficult for the Australian education and tourism industries.  Luckily, the government is doing all it can to reverse visa restrictions introduced in 2009, as well as recover some of the losses and boost the country’s reputation, from clever advertising campaigns to new visa regulations.


Debunking the myths about international student migration.  Student migration is getting much media attention, but contrary to being bad, internationalisation is an opportunity for the UK to secure its place as a global HE player. Rarely have international students in the UK had so much media attention. Public debates over funding for UK universities alongside government pledges on controlling net migration have rendered international higher education a hot topic. This is welcome, but has been accompanied by the erroneous idea that internationalisation of higher education is purely about foreign student recruitment and that this is somehow bad for Britain. This is simply wrong.


Ethnic diversity in the workplace ‘tolerated but not embraced.  ONE-third of workers are opposed to increased levels of ethnic diversity in their workplace, according to a new survey. The research, by Leadership Management Australasia, also showed that only half of workers believe diversity offers benefits to their company.


New Migration Council to fight for a bigger Australia.  The announcement of the formation of a Migration Council of Australia and its launch by the Governor General on August 1, confirmed by Department of Immigration and Citizenship official Gary Fleming at the Settlement Council of Australia conference in Adelaide in late June, marks a critical juncture in population and immigration policy.  The Council will operate as a non-government organisation, with its own board, and look more like the Settlement Council of Australia or the Australian Multicultural Foundation, than the government’s own and somewhat tame Australian Multicultural Council.


Big jump in foreign students at Hungarian universities.  Medical universities lead gains as almost 16,000 students from abroad enrolled in country during 2011-2012 academic year.  In the past five years, Semmelweis University, Hungary’s oldest medical school, has boasted the highest number of foreign students among Hungary’s higher education institutions. But the highest rate of increase was seen at the University of Pecs Medical School in southern Hungary, where their number has risen by 61 percent during the period.  Demand for places continuously outgrows supply at Hungary’s four medical universities, where a total of 3,843 foreign nationals study, mostly from Romania, Slovakia, Ukraine, Germany, Austria, Sweden and Israel. Nearly 20 percent of them come from Asia.

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  1. WHY WE MUST RESCUE ONE OF OUR BIGGEST EXPORTS With a delicate international economy, why is it that the perception we are creating of Australia is neither accurate nor helping us economically or socially?

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