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International Education Digital Marketing

Within the international education industry there is a lack of knowledge and skills in digital marketing, resistance in utilising, and preference for conventional promotional channels in international education, see:


Special Report “Changing face of marketing

“Marketing has been driven to new heights by technology, but offline marketing tools and attendance at trade events remain important (?). The key for marketers is to shape a strategy that incorporates both old and new into one holistic marketing drive.”

Future of Marketing, Adminstration and Media:

Fairfax news group in Australia is a good example of conventional media not adapting in digital age, i.e. having digital separate from mainstream “print” activities. 

Job losses in the financial sector also exemplify how many administrative management positions are no longer required through information processing advancing from raw IT to interactive digital (with auto MIS) where clients or customers do not require “middle people” to mediate communication, queries, gather feedback etc.

Social media and digital is the interface between prospectives in the market and your institution with your digital face e.g. website, blog, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook page etc.. being your most effective public face, or “shopfront”.

Social or digital media disrupts “corporate silos”, i.e. digital marketing is not just an add on to conventional or human marketing and communications, but should be the central approach or spine to all marketing activity.  

In other words, digital marketing and social media for international education is neither an add on activity nor just the domain of the “digital team”, “marketing & comms assistant or intern” (but most important marketing HR), “IT”, “web master” etc. but the elements which draws the whole “jig saw” together.

Smaller colleges with social media and digital marketing “DNA”  and “learning culture”in their organisation, can have more significant marketing and promotional impact than large universities.

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