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International Education Digital Marketing

Good Digital Marketing Strategy is exemplified by:

  • Website “Search Engine Optimisation SEO” for target languages or specific markets e.g. other languages including “Keywords”.
  • “Google Analytics” installed on website allowing analysis of web traffic e.g. source countries/cities, language, search words/course search, referring websites etc.
  • Relevant “Back Links” from other sites (i.e. references) and “Reciprocal Links” to your website from same markets via education partners, directories etc. to increase “Google Page Rank”.
  • Well maintained Social Media Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Blog channels for ongoing daily digital presence (multilingual), including “word of mouth” feedback from students, prospective, existing and alumni.
  • Facebook campaigns with analytic feedback in cooperation with local agents &/or independently.
  • Online enquiries are acted upon and followed up.

For assistance with digital and related marketing strategy in Central Eastern Europe and Turkey contact Andrew Smith at AIEC QUEST Australian International Education Centre.

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