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International Education Marketing Turkey

International Education Marketing Turkey Central Eastern Europe


  • New higher education streamlined visa program (SVP) and plans for roll out to TAFE, some private providers, and hopefully indirect benefits for VET and ELICOS.
  • Part time hospitality, aged care etc. and related work opportunities for international students, independent of slowdown in mainstream economy.
  • More house and flat rentals available with less demand at lower rates, in Melbourne especially.


  • High AUD, lack of clarity from Australia on visas, SVP and immigration (according to Pieronline), plus generally negative perceptions. No positive message coming out of Australia about study and international education, if so, conditional with tough language……
  • Preference for one off physical promotional events vs. measurable digital marketing strategies all year round, especially Turkey.


  • Favoured international language college chains in Turkey: Navitas, Kaplan, Eurocentres, EF, CES Embassy/Study Group etc. (most have offices in Turkey), marketing approach is simple, as many reputable agents as possible, like IATA and airlines’ sales operations.
  • SVP pathways once “word of mouth” has an impact by 2013, in lieu of marketing and communications strategies from Australia.
  • Marketing and liaising directly with occupation and/or study areas in private universities and higher education/VET specialist institutes regarding 2 + 2, further study etc. in Turkey and Central Eastern Europe.
  • Next sectors targeted by AIEC will be counselors and advisors in engineering/IT, business faculties and private high schools in Turkey.
  • The “Asian Century” whereby more in Turkey understand the importance of Asia (as opposed to the traditional focus upon the US or EU).


  • “Australia and Canada, both with 87 per cent, had the lowest visa approval rates for Turkish students. Among the reasons cited for refusal, 45 per cent were given as “travel purpose suspicious” (GTE), while 36 per cent related to insufficient funds. The success rate in appeals against refused visas was 47 per cent.” Turk Agency Association.
  • Australian institutions being “out of loop” on developing institutional relationships, 2 + 2 etc. in Turkey which is becoming international player with EU, US and Asia, with private equity e.g. Laureate now owns Bilgi University.
  • No Australian body responsible for effective marketing of Study in Australia generically in Turkey.
  • Austrade has closed “EgitimPlus” website, however they still manage the AEI – DEEWR Study in Australia website Turkey, DFAT/Embassy liaises with Go8 and IDP promoted event late 2011 with Australian university visitors (but few prospective candidates).
  • “Independent” Australian government international education policy advisors, Navitas, suggest revisiting the study to PR link. Govt. says best candidates can and should apply for PR, but if candidates suggest this for visa, they will be deemed non GTE, and will have their study visa application rejected.
  • Few prospective candidates in Turkey choose Australia, candidates not high quality, almost all Turks look to USA/EU, little awareness of Australia and Asia (according to Middle Eastern Technical University)
  • 50% Hungarian youth want to leave for US, Canada, Germany… Australia not mentioned…. Turkey affected by slowdown in the EU, its major trading partner, like CEE economies are already,  unemployment up to 10%.

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