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International Student Education Employment Immigration

International Education Immigration and Students

Australian Higher Education Grapples with Rise of Asia However, in a recurring theme at the conference, speakers said Australian society was simply unready for deeper relationships with Asia—a challenge to the goal described by Mr. Connelly.

Broader social realities, such as a national debate over the rights of asylum seekers and news-media imagery that portrays Australia as an Anglo-Saxon country, are hurting Australia by portraying it as a racist nation, said Mr. Connelly…

…In contrast to other speakers who said Australian universities were poised to grow, Mr. Gallagher said international education here had reached its limit unless it overhauled its approach and offerings.

“If we’re going to protect the business model that underwrites everything [Australian universities] do, we have to compete on quality, and we have to compete in Asia,” he said. “The alternative is we’ll be forced down-market.”

Mr. Connelly, by contrast, said he was much more worried about the impact of Australia’s new student-visa system and a continuing problem surrounding foreign students’ opportunities to work after graduation.

Under the new visa system, the onus for determining the “genuineness” of international-student applicants—that they are not seeking to immigrate illegally to Australia—has moved from immigration officials to university staff.

Ironically, there is nothing illegal about applying for immigration?

Foreign Students not Welcome Here.  Shutting out foreign brains is a good way to foster mediocrity.  

America has the best universities in the world, but its immigration enforcers have done a good job of making them less attractive. The proportion of the world’s overseas students who come to America has fallen from 23% in 2000 to 18% in 2009…

Britain has turned even harsher. The Conservative Party has promised to reduce net immigration from 250,000 a year when it came to power to 100,000 by 2015. Since it has no control over the number of EU citizens who enter Britain or the number of Brits who leave—the two main drivers of net immigration—it finds itself squeezing students from outside the EU….

The world is engaged in a war for mobile talent. Nations that refuse to take part will lose. The good news is that the most potent weapon costs nothing at all. It is a welcome mat.

Success of nativist, zero growth, anti immigration and racist lobbies?

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