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Australia Multicultural Football


Australia savours A-League of Nations.  “An extraordinarily diverse player base has a total of 56 ancestries represented in the A-League, the first ever multicultural audit of players has revealed…
…The audit measured a number of variables including ancestry, player place of birth, languages other than English spoken and those who have one or more parent born overseas…


:: 87% of A-League players had overseas ancestry (one or more grandparent born overseas)

:: Of the Australian-based A-League teams – the overseas ancestry of players ranged from 100% for Adelaide United to 63% for Newcastle Jets.

:: The dominant continent for ancestry was Europe with 63% followed by those with Australian ancestry with 16%.

:: Of players with European ancestry, 54% were from continental Europe, 38% come from the United Kingdom and 8% from Republic of Ireland.

:: The dominant country of ancestry is England with 25%, Italy with 12% followed by Scotland with 10%.

One or more parent born overseas

:: 68 pc of the A-League players have one or more parent born overseas, above the national average of 44.7 pc (Australia – Community Profile, ABS Census 2011).

:: Melbourne Victory had the most players with one or more parent born overseas for an Australian based club, with 87 pc.

Overseas born players

:: 33% of the A-League players were born overseas, above the national population average of 26% (Australia – Community Profile, ABS Census 2011)

:: Perth Glory was the leading Australian team with 44% born overseas.

Linguistic diversity

:: Melbourne-based clubs had players with the highest linguistic diversity in the league.”

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