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Australian Population Growth Myths

Shock News! Anti Immigration Researcher calls for less Immigration. Dr. Bob Birrell of the Centre for Population & Urban Research at Monash University calls for less Temporary Visas, International Students and Immigrants (apparently British, Irish etc. Backpackers ok?).

AUSTRALIA’S major immigration visa subclasses need to be culled to slash record high immigration because the growth of jobs has slowed “to a crawl” and migrants are exploiting the system, according to the Centre for Population and Urban Research……

….They say once here tens of thousands extend their presence in the labour market by churning from visa to visa. For example, in 2011-12, they say 26,671 overseas students already in Australia were granted a tourist visa….. …

“There is an urgent need for a review of the temporary-entry visa subclasses, which examines the impact on young domestic workers of the flood of migrants competing with them for available jobs,” the paper says. The current settings are for a “boom ethos” and the permanent migration program for 2012-13 has been set at the record high figure of 210,000 which does not match job creation. “The immigration program is set on full throttle, whereas the net growth of the workforce in Australia has slowed to a crawl….

More xenophobia and conflation of permanent and temporary resident statistics from CPUR…… students have been granted tourist visas, so what? They cannot work on a student visa and it encourages them to travel and spend money in Australia after study (often with visiting family and/or friends), more bloody foreigners🙂

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