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Negative Impact of International Students?

Foreign students boost unemployment among the young

Efforts by the Australian government to make studying in Australia more attractive to foreign students appear to have boosted unemployment rates among the nation’s young people, according to a new report . The report says tens of thousands of foreign students are successfully applying for different visas at the end of their courses so they can stay and work in Australia, in the hope of becoming permanent residents.


But the rapidly rising number of temporary migrants, including students, tourists and working holidaymakers, is causing increasing unemployment among young Australians. A study by Dr Bob Birrell and Dr Ernest Healy of the centre for population and urban research at Monash University in Melbourne has found that the Australian-born workforce grew by just 58,000 in the 12 months to August whereas at least 100,000 migrants arrived in the course of the year and found employment.”

This article was written by Geoff Maslen who appears to at least have a relationship with Dr. Bob Birrell, see article from The Melbourne Age “Devil in the detail”.  Surely no conflict of interest there?

Birrell’s report appears plausible with many formal headline or macro level statistics and making connections between youth unemployment and international temporary residents, without any evidence of a causal linkage through qualitative research or othwerwise? Birrell does not need to be openly racist or anti immigration as “journalists” and others will make their own conclusions, and in this case Maslen has focused upon international students while ignoring European backpackers on working holiday visas etc.

The report, Immigration Overshoot, argues that Australia’s intake of migrants is too high and that several of the major visa subclasses being used by foreign students to remain in Australia need to be culled. Like Australian political strategist’s slogan for British Conservative Party, “are you thinking what we are thinking?”

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