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Melbourne Türk Filmleri Festivali

Melbourne Türk Filmleri Festivali Melbourne`daki sinemaseverlerle buluşuyor.

12-16 Aralık tarihleri arasında 2’ncisi düzenlenecek olan Melbourne Türk Filmleri Festivali Melbourne`daki tüm sinemaseverlerle buluşuyor.

Melbourne seyircisine Türk sinemasını tanıtmayı amaçlayan festivalin bu yılki programında 2011-2012 yapımı, Türkiye`de ve diğer yabancı ülkelerde ilgi görmüş ve ödüllere layık olmuş sekiz film yer alıyor.

With the support of the Turkish Republic Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Turkish Consulate General in Melbourne, in collaboration with Blind Mind Films, is very excited to present the 2nd Melbourne Turkish Film Festival.

Showcasing recent award winning films and box office hits of 2012, the festival will open with this year’s most anticipated film A LONG STORY adapted from Mustafa Kutlu’s timeless novel.

Festival closing film is GALLIPOLI 1915, one of many films released this year on the subject of nationalist zeal. This patriotic narrative should not be overlooked as Gallipoli stands as an historical landmark for both Australia and Turkey.

Avustralya Film ve Televizyon.

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