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Boris Johnson on UK Immigration

Boris Johnson criticises Theresa May over immigration claim.   Mayor of London says he ‘cannot see logic’ in home secretary’s claim that immigrants have pushed up property prices. 100,000 students coming to UK face immigration interviews.


Home secretary announces programme to root out abuse of visa system, focusing on ‘highest-risk countries’ Boris Johnson has criticised the home secretary, Theresa May, for blaming an influx of immigrants for pushing up property prices and adding to Britain’s housing crisis……..


Johnson said that he could not understand May’s comments, made last Wednesday, when she told reporters: “More than one-third of all new housing demand in Britain is caused by immigration. And there is evidence that without the demand caused by mass immigration, house prices could be 10% lower over a 20-year period.”…….


“We should crack down on illegal immigration and, yes, Labour failed to get hold of the problem. But the number one issue amongst Indian businessmen [who are considering investing in Britain] is: ‘Are you hostile to us coming to London?'”


More xenophobia and “doq whistling” from politicians using flimsy pretexts…..unfortunately for “immigrants”, “international students”, “temporary workers”, “visitors” etc. they do not vote…. yet….and one sees the same misinformation, mis truths etc. used by the anti immigration lobbies, plus quite a few racists…. and politicians from both sides of politics.


This is not to forget the part of the real estate industry (with finance and media) who like in Australia encourage the (false) idea that we suffer from strong “population growth” and high levels of immigration which suggest if you don’t get into property now… you may miss out.  In fact if you do wait, especially in Australia, and using objective news sources, you will observe a slow hissing sound as property prices subside……


House prices in whole Anglo world have been fueled by excess credit and buyers encouraged to get in now by media and governments, meanwhile international students are not immigrants but temporary visitors etc. etc.


Most interesting is that the anti immigration, pro environment, anti growth, pro tough border security etc. brigades are almost exclusively “white middle class”?


Who will be the winners? Destination countries who do not brazenly play the “race card” in politics and media against international students, immigrants etc. and the losers will be those who do, for short term political gain. Worse, those (countries) who do, may be bypassed for investment, tourism, education and a place to work in future as waves of baby boomers retire….


Politicians of both sides of politics, media and “influencers” need to take a long hard look at themselves and stop claiming this is merely a short term political tactic appealing to marginal working class constituents (i.e. divide the electorate, multiply the votes, but in Australia’s case this has been negated because both sides agree, they both “play the race card” which does not bother too many people).


However, it is not a poor white working class want (unless guilty of being informed by mono cultural media), it is coming from within educated (often ageing) white middle class and is about politicians’ and media’ own unconscious prejudices and attitudes toward other cultures…..

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