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Anti Immigration Anti Population Australia

The Social Contract Press and Australia


Various Australians have contributed article, reviews, and/or have had their publications or books reviewed in John Tanton’s The Social Contract Press including:


Dr. Robert Birrell of Monash University’s Centre for Population and Urban Research in addition to articles, has had his books available via The Social Contract Press.


Articles Birrell has contributed include:


“Australian Nation State” Winter 1996-97


“Australia’s Cultural Identity” Spring 1997


Review by Birrell:


“Chinese Chain Migration” review of Chinatown: The Socio-Economic Potential of an Urban Enclave (Min Zhou 1992) Summer 1994. Birrell is described as a “founder of Australia’s immigration reform movement”, and is critical that Zhou makes no reference to drug use, crime and criminal gangs thus not “hard headed enough” like Kinkead 1992 (Chinatown: A Portrait of a Closed Society), who was also reviewed in The Social Contract.


Katherine Betts:


“Australia’s New Population Report: It’s Background and Recommendations” Spring 1993


“Population Policy Issues” (Issue theme “Australia’s identity crisis”) Winter 1997-98


“The Evolution of Social Capital: On the origins of the social contract” Spring 1998


Betts book Ideology and Immigration: Australia 1976 to 1987, had excerpts published in The Social Contract Summer 1991


Mark O’Connor who had run for the senate for the Sustainable Population Party of Australia, author of “Overloading Australia”, launched by patron of SPA Bob Carr, and the basis of Dick Smith’s anti population growth campaign:


“When is a Country Overpopulated” Fall 1992

“Immigrationism, Racism and Moral Monopoly” Winter 1993-94


Fiona Heinrichs (member of SPA Sustainable Population Australia):


Her online book was reviewed by Elbel, “A Sustainable Australia?” Fall 2011. The online book “Sleepwalking to Catastrophe” (‘Big Australia’, Immigration, Population Expansion and the Impossibility of Endless Economic Growth in a Finite World) now links to a blog in Japanese about a prefecture ( ). 


Writers’ Workshops


Further, The Social Contract Press has run writers’ workshops in conjunction with PFIR (Progressives for Immigration Reform) and attended by Mark O’Connor, Jenny Goldie and Labor MP Kelvin Thompson.


Similar workshops have also been run in Australia by SPA who also have links to FAIR and The Social Contract.


High profile member of the “network” Roy Beck visited Australia January 2013 in his role as head of Numbers USA, with connections to Tanton, but denied and and obscured.


SPA patrons include Prof Tim Flannery, Prof Ian Lowe, Dr Mary White, Dr Paul Collins and Senator The Hon. Bob Carr, President Sandra Kanck and Vice President John Coulter.


At best Australians involved with SPA and the anti immigration movement have made less than optimal choices about whom they associate with, and are possibly influenced by in their pro environmental endeavours.

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