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Education Agency Digital Marketing

Education Agency Marketing in Internet Age.  With increasingly sophisticated Internet tools at their fingertips, study travel agencies are becoming adept at picking and choosing among a variety of new marketing techniques that can reach their target markets more cost-effectively. Jane Vernon Smith finds out more.

Marketing methods employed by study travel agencies over the past year were wide-ranging, from web, TV, radio and print advertising, to brochure distribution, seminars to student fairs; targeted mailings to media PR, and also include use of student ‘ambassadors’.

….. Internet influence

…… For most, it is probably true to say that the agency website has become the staple marketing tool, as well as a key source of bookings. Use of social media, such as Facebook and Twitter, all stem from this and contribute to the company’s overall web image.”


Begs the question, why do so many institutions’ “marketing and management personnel” cling to conventional outbound marketing via distribution of “marketing materials” through one off events, at great cost?

The emperor has no clothes? Institutions are discovering they do not need armies of international personnel for marketing, promotions, communication, recruitment and sales with internet communication, digital marketing, word of mouth and agent websites, plus better evaluation, feedback and analytics.

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