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Anti Population Immigration Bigots

Population theorist stands by his beliefsPOPULATION expert Paul Ehrlich has been accused of many things – of being alarmist, inaccurate and even stupid. 


But the man who wrote the book The Population Bomb in 1968 is standing by his original text despite many of his predictions being proven wrong, and before his visit here this week he is accusing Australians of over-populating.


“There’s simply too many people in Australia,” Professor Ehrlich, 80, told The Australian from his California home. “Australia is one of the most water-short, biologically unproductive places in the world.”


Professor Ehrlich, who is still on the staff of Stanford University faculty full-time, is supported in his theories on over-population by businessman Dick Smith and Foreign Affairs Minister Bob Carr (of Sustainable Population Australia).



Their binary or simplistic solution is that population growth (even though Ehrlich had to both revise and delete some of his predictions) is the cause of  environmental damage, therefore we should dramatically reduce immigration from developing countries?

At best maintain the status quo of the west’s profligate use of resources i.e. don’t change, at worst white supremacist bigotry?

What do they all have in common but not mentioned in article?  They are influenced by well known American bigot John Tanton, admirer of the “white Australia” policy, founder of the Social Contract Press in USA (friend of Ehrlich’s), and related networks throughout the world including Dr. Bob Birrell of Monash University, Sustainable Population Australia, Kelvin Thompson via Progressives for Immigration Reform, and Cory Bernardi via ALEC, the Irwin’s of Australian Zoo via NumbersUSA etc. etc.


For more see:


The Social Contract and John Tanton.


Anti Immigration Anti Population Australia.

One Response to “Anti Population Immigration Bigots”

  1. I would mention that it appears that Ehrlich, like others, had distanced himself from Tanton.

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