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Australian International Education Marketing Europe Turkey


  • More house and flat rentals available as new developments come online, especially Melbourne and Brisbane.
  • Part time hospitality opportunities strong for European students in Melbourne, Perth, Darwin and Sydney, while Queensland still weak.
  • Potential of SVP & PSW rights if advantages in higher education and pathways spread by word of mouth, and expansion to private ELICOS and vocational.
  • Institutions where admissions personnel inform enquirers (of agents to “close”) and ask how they were found e.g. which online websites or directories (to inform marketing)?


  • Political parties’ bipartisan xenophobia i.e. appearing authoritative on immigration/population, exacerbated by industry not explaining itself to Australians, although now recommended by the IEAC’s recent report.
  • High AUD, high cost of living, soft economy and lack of international cultural profile through film, tv and music (compared to previous decades).
  • Commencements from CEE, Turkey and Russia have softened further (but appear to have bottomed out).
  • Fragmentation of marketing channels, while neither leveraging multilingual digital marketing SEO resources, nor informed by best marketing resource i.e. candidates, especially when all are online with relevant languages.
  • Institutions still appear to manage marketing physically via countries/regions, and independently of agent websites and/or digital, thus missing target audiences whom are mostly online.  Research by Language Travel Magazine found that out of 8 EFL destinations, Australian ELICOS sector had lowest take up of digital marketing (while ironically having most potential due to distance from markets).
  • Repeated refrain from marketing personnel is that digital marketing and SEO is “too technical don’t understand” (see end note). Good digital marketing does not require technical or IT skills, but research, analytical and creative skills, plus curiosity helps.
  • Many agents, colleges and TAFE do not have access to SVP pathways as universities have significantly reduced agreements and pathway or feeder partners, which may also lead to further decreases in university enrolments/commencements.
  • Economic issues in Europe have increased the importance of Australian friends and relatives onshore for financial support, i.e. marketing, see Opportunities.


  • Exemplified by Tourism Australia’s successful international best practice digital strategy conducted from onshore with minimal resources and personnel (Austrade to replicate?).
  • AIEC has launched 8 language web portal for Study in Australia and Europe in English, Hungarian, Turkish, Russian, Romanian, Croatian, Serbian and Slovenian. Another four languages planned for mid year i.e. Farsi, German, Spanish and Portugese targetting Central Asia, Africa and South America.
  • AIEC has built up network of 600+ (increasing daily) relevant Twitter followers via @AIECAustraliaEU in Turkish education sector. Will be leveraging for promotion and indexing of partners, complemented by SEO multilingual blogs & Facebook campaigns.
  • AIEC participated in student organised HR and Job Fair at Budapest Technical University early March, and will be participating in same at private university in Ankara Turkey early May (plus others, and Austrade Turkey has requested cooperation….).
  • Digital marketing to relevant ethnic communities onshore in Australia who have funds and resources to support friends and relatives from Europe (plus AIEC informs website visitors to suggest their friends and relatives visit colleges in Australia or contact direct)
  • Via European partners accessing private universities in Turkey, Europe and networking through small medium sized private VET and/or higher education institutions with  international candidates looking for opportunities e.g. Australia, Europe etc..


  • Prospective offshore candidates deterred by onshore xenophobia and visa obstacles.  In Turkey, according to Google Trends, interest has fallen significantly in recent years.
  • Offshore agents ceasing to promote Study in Australia and deferring to other destinations, and competition.
  • Potential of Australian government adopting maximum NOM targets as in the UK, which would be catastrophic for international education sector.
  • British Council Turkey cites “hyperbole” in the market, exaggerated numbers and marketing investment in “ineffective” public education fairs and events, their advice is “don’t attend Turkish public fairs” (targetted on campus yes).
  • International competition making serious inroads into most markets due to lower fees and ease of visas, including Turkey (ELICOS/VET visas take 2-3 months+ to process….).
  • Increasing supply of private and public higher education university places in Turkey, suggesting shorter study abroad periods more attractive.
  • In addition to Europe, Turkey’s economy has weakened significantly and unemployment is high.

For more information about marketing services and digital inbound marketing click through to contact Andrew Smith at AIEC in Budapest.

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