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Digital Inbound Marketing and SEO for International Education Australia Europe Turkey

Outbound or Conventional Marketing – Going to Students – Physical – Expensive

1. Originally brochures were the main means of communication and marketing 10+ years ago, requiring one off attendance at expensive events, distribution via agents or post.

2. Websites or homepages were originally used to complement conventional marketing acting as online brochures, found via website address printed on cards and brochures, i.e. students are given your website address.

3. Nowadays, if a prospective candidate knows you they will find your homepage easily through a web search, but what if they don’t know you?

Inbound or Digital Marketing & SEO – Students Come to You – Virtual – Economic

1. Without publicising (nor prospective candidates knowing) your web address or homepage, a digital marketing SEO strategy will attract relevant traffic organically, all year round.

2. Good website SEO (maintenance preferably done inhouse by marketing personnel and multilingual students, regularly), will have prospective candidates landing on specific pages relevant to their web search deep in your website, NOT your homepage.

3. For example, without knowing name(s) of institutions in Australia, a well SEO website will attract multilingual (not just English) web searches to pages deep inside your website e.g. “Fitness course in Australia”, through that specific page appearing on first Google search page.

4. This can be enhanced further through student blogs, Twitter, Google+ etc..

Analogy for digital and SEO marketing:

Rather than candidates being given your street address, key and entering through your front door (homepages) through direct invitation (homepage address on printed marketing materials); via specific web search (like 3. above), they can enter directly into (and exit) specific room (webpage).  

This is without knowing your (homepage) address, turning up in specific rooms and probably rifling through your cupboards, drawers etc.., all year round, 24/7……finding what they want, when they want, then hopefully contacting you or agent (but at minimum leaving marketing intelligence trail accessible via Google Analytics).


Recent News:


INTEAD see makes several clear points about your web page SEO and ability to be found:

1. Your brand name requires a consistent translation into the local language.

2. Searches in local language deliver different search results than searches in English.

3. Local language pages on your site have higher credibility with search engines and hence higher visibility for local language searches.

4. Landing pages for individual countries (local language and English) on your website can help you direct prospective users to the appropriate information and can improve your search ranking.

5. Monitor and update your information on multi-language Wikipedia and directory sites or the local equivalent. These services have great visibility and high rankings on international search engines.

Bottom line:


Your website is one of your strongest marketing tools for recruiting international students. Done right, your website will become the foundation for all of your other online and offline marketing efforts around the world as your social media posts, international tours, print collateral, etc., refer international students to the online content that speaks directly to them and their interests.


Case Study Australian Best Practice:


In 2013, Tourism Australia has an ambitious goal to use the power of social media to make Australia the most talked about holiday destination in the world. There are officially just three people with ‘social media’ titles at Tourism Australia. Yet look a little more closely and in fact the content shared comes from millions of people who interact and enthusiastically help sell the country.

For more information about AIEC’s international education marketing services click here for webpage and contact Andrew Smith direct.

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