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Why Students Study in Australia

Why are overseas students attracted to Australia?



Over the last few years there has been a massive increase in the number of overseas students looking to move to Australia for their education. Indeed the Australian education system is attracting students from the likes of Canada, Hong Kong, Germany, Italy, Norway, Mexico and the United Kingdom to name but a few. This particular route into Australia is attracting the interest of more and more people but why are overseas students attracted to Australian universities and further education facilities?



High-class facilities


While every government in the world would have you believe that their education facilities are the best available, the fact is that the Australian government has been investing hundreds of millions of dollars in education services for some time now. In many ways the ongoing increase in the number of overseas students moving to Australia is a reflection of the enormous investment in this area and the success in attracting high-quality lecturers and offering extremely high quality services.


Australia now has a number of universities in the top 10 “best universities” in the world and there are many other universities in the country waiting to break into this elite group. Historically the likes of the United States of America and the UK have been very prominent in this particular field but Australia is now one of the leading lights in the world of overseas education, and it is not difficult to see why.



Student visas


It is also worth mentioning that the Australian government has been very helpful with regards to overseas students looking to move to the country. The authorities have made an array of changes to the student visas system, some forced upon the authorities by manipulation of the system and others to attract high-quality students, leading to a more streamlined and a more productive immigration service.


Like the UK government, the Australian authorities are also keen to encourage overseas students to stay on after their educational years and use their skills and experiences to grow and expand the Australian economy. It is no surprise to learn that the growing Australian economy is still lacking specific skills and specific experience in an array of different employment markets. Indeed while the Australian unions continue to fight the ongoing increase in overseas students, and skilled workers moving to Australia, the fact is that Australia needs high-calibre students and high calibre employees now and in the future.



The Australian way of life


Just this week the Australian government again reiterated its multicultural policies with regards to the Australian population. This has in many ways helped to attract yet more overseas students to the region and while there have been some instances of alleged racism against various minority student groups, this has been clamped down upon by the government and action taken.


On the whole the Australian population is very welcoming of overseas students, skilled workers and visitors to the country. After all this is a region which has benefited, perhaps more than most, from the influx of immigrant workers and overseas students for many years. As a consequence, there are many different elements to the Australian population, overseas visitors have added to the culture which together with the strong economy is proving to be a very strong magnet.





As we touched on above, the Australian government is adamant of a need to attract further skilled workers and those with specific experience which may be lacking in the domestic Australian workforce. The medium to long-term solution is to attract high-calibre students who can then move on to ply their trade in Australia although in the short term the majority of these “empty positions” are being filled by overseas skilled workers.


While the government should be conscious of balancing the needs of the domestic workforce against the overseas workforce, it does seem as though there is room for all parties involved. The introduction of overseas students to the region has added to the culture, added to be multicultural society and has also added some underlying strength to the Australian economy. When you take all of these aspects into consideration, what better place to study overseas than Australia?


Despite the worldwide economic downturn the Australian economy continues to go from strength to strength.


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