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AIEC Budapest news about international education, study, student, travel and SEO marketing news for Australia, Europe and Turkey.

Study Work in Australia and Europe

The Australian International Education Centre AIEC QUEST Bt. is an education consultancy dedicated to providing education and training related services in the EU, Turkey and Australia, for Study inAustralia, Hungary, Turkey, America and Britain.

AIEC is managed by an Australian education professional Andrew Smith (M. Ed.  “Aussie Specialist”) who spends time between Central Europe, Turkey and Australia.

AIEC can assist candidates and students of all ages and educatıon backgrounds how to apply for English, vocational courses and university study in Australia,Hungary, UK and Turkey.  Study Abroad with work rights is a practical way to gain English language fluency, internationally recognised qualifications, soft skills and a personal experience for life and career.

AIEC can assist genuine candidates with student visa information and visa application, plus new Streamlined Visa Processing. Streamlined visa processing (SVP) is designed forinternational students applying to study in Australia at a participatinguniversity or approved university pathway.  Streamlined visa processing means these applicants are treated as though they are lower migration risk (similar to the current Assessment Level 1) regardless of their country of origin.

AIEC can also refer candidates for immigration to registered MARA Australian migration agents in Turkey, Europe and Australia in addition to application for recommended study pathways and English courses needed for immigration skills assessment and/or temporary work visas.

AIEC also provides information, advice, tips and links to prospective students, tourists, backpackers, workers and immigrants about travel, tourism, work, employment and living in in Australia, hostels, hotels, accommodation, real estate, health insurance, banking, culture, music, film, television, news, media and sport.

For more information about work and study in Australia and Europe click through.

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