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Australia Immigration News 2013

Poisonous Population Politics

For the past several years prospective immigrants, 457 temporary work visas holders and international students have been targetted in Australia’s “poisonous population politics” conducted in the mainstream media and politics.

In Australia, always prone to xenophobia like Britain is now via UKIP, the debate has revolved round immigration and supposed “runaway population growth”, with demands for the Net Overseas Migration NOM to be lowered, to slow or stop population growth.

What most Australians, media and politicans have not realised is that population is difference between births/deaths + NOM + existing resident population, i.e. over half are temporaries.

NOM is made up of those residing in Australia for 12/16 months so includes permanent immigrants + temporary visa holders. The latter includes internationalstudents, 457 visas holders, 2nd year working holiday visa WHV backpackers,dependents and sometimes Australian citizens, but all are described as”immigrants” thus perceived as permanent immigrants, which they are not, and they are a load on the nation which we cannot possibly carry.

Resurgence of “White Australia” Sentiment

However, this is not simply politics, but an orchestrated campaign by anti population growth and anti immigration lobby under the guise of environmental concern and sustainability, with direct links to a vast anti immigration network in the USA controlled by racists and bigots (with whom BNP and elements of UKIP are connected).

British, Irish and Europeans are fortunate in general because they are not the real target, just collateral damage, but those from Africa, Asia and the Middle East are, i.e. they do not fit the “White Australian” image which now seems culturally de rigeur in Australia’s mostly ageing white media and political classes.

The present Labor government (with majority of about zero) and party (described by one of their own as mostly “ageing white males”) seems to have been influenced by these groups and accordingly have talked tough on immigration, refugees,457s, international students and population growth, with multiple (panicked) visa and immigration legislative and regulatory changes (to the extent that even DIAC personnel probably cannot keep up).

Next Government and Immigration

For now it appears there will be a Liberal National Party government after elections in September, who may participate in the “dog whistling”, “race baiting” etc. but like the Howard government may not be so concerned about immigration. Further, the Victorian, QLD, WA and NSW governments may also exert pressure to ensure moderate levels of immigration remain as they too are generally positive about immigration.  This is especially since we have an ageing population with the baby boomer demographic starting to retire, and structural employment issues i.e. too many younger Australians study or train in occupational areas for which there is low employment demand, while skilled shortages exist in areas of need.

Australian Economy

Understandably there has been some concern as the economy slows and unemployment, although officially 5%, is more like 10% when under employment is included, but much depends on location and occupation.  Demand for professionals e.g. accountants, engineers, ICT, senior managers and related, according to the Clarius Skills Index, remains positive, but health, education, hospitality and trades demand is quite soft.

The Australian stock market has had significant increases maybe due to international funds and local investors e.g. retirees, chasing dividends, and if $AUD drops it could go even higher.

In the Australian economy it is becoming clear that the mining boom maybe tailing off, though still very significant, new projects are not being started and existing are nearing completion, while health of the property market, is unclear.

Real Estate and Property

According to the mainstream media, real estate agents and housing industry, now is agreat time to buy, although international bodies state that Australian propertyis over valued.  There are several negative factors: employment insecurity or under employment, rubbery auction statistics, negative gearing (rewarding investors who makes losses), amplification of small positive price increases while e.g. Melbourne stock on market has doubled in three years, property takes longer to sell and again in Melbourne (and elsewhere) many new apartment projects coming onto market 2013/14.

Meanwhile, partly due to high $AUD and visa restictions, numbers of international students have continued to drop (less renters) and less tourists, but more working holiday visa backpackers no doubt using visa for working in Australia, if they can find employment.

In the past Australians had been encouraged to go shopping, which they did, but now many are maxed out on their credit cards, and Australia has nearly the highest household debt in the world (think along with the most of the Anglo world, partly due to real estate mortgage commitments and high cost of living).

2013 and Future in Australia

It appears that the economy is softening and even stagnating, but not to the extent of Europe, and if our political masters acted for the benefit of Australians, prospective immigrants, our economy and future, as opposed to retaining political power, it will have bottomed in 2013.  That’s the median prediction, some see no problems and we should all go out buying houses (with mortgages) and shop, while the majority seem to think we may see a few years of rough times as permanent population both stagnates and ages.

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