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Immigration Added Value for Australia


Migrants ‘adding to our intellectual bank’ from The Australian


ABDULLAH Alajlan says fellow Saudis cannot understand why so many Australians become electricians, plumbers or cleaners rather than go to university.

“Back home, jobs are measured by your degree,” says the Flinders University PhD student. “That’s why people urge their children to get the highest degree possible. (In Australia) it’s easier for locals to apply for handy jobs rather than going to university and doing assignments – and at end of the day, same income, same everything.”

A new Australian Bureau of Statistics report indicates Australia will not reach its 40 per cent higher education attainment target without migrants, and will struggle to reach it, anyway.

Migrants were responsible for almost half the qualifications surge that saw the proportion of degree-qualified young Australians increase from 25 per cent in 2002 to 37 per cent last year. …


…… Monash University demographer Bob Birrell said this “very significant” figure confirmed that migrants had been the key to the attainment surge. “Migration will have to continue to increase for the target to be attained. Migrants are the key to the increase in the proportion of 25 to 34-year-olds with degrees. It does not derive, except to a limited extent, from Australian training.”


Firstly not being aware of which field Mr. Alajlan is studying in, too many higher education graduates cannot find work (in Australia and internationally), while in Germany many eligible for university choose trades or technical training?  Much of the xenophobic ire and angst of media and politicians, leading to tougher visa and immigration processing, was directed at the vocational sector while declaring higher ed “high(er) value”.

Secondly is this Dr. Bob Birrell condoning or supporting immigration, or is it a back handed compliment? never quite clear….. includes the key words that may just suggest otherwise “migrants”, “very significant”, “surge”, “increase”, “Australian training”…..

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