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International Education Student Immigration Population

From the Times Higher Education Supplement:  

Cable criticises any gloating over immigration figures.

Vince Cable has said any sense of “triumph” over new figures showing a decline in student immigration is “absurd”, as he issued a strong defence of international student movement…

…the business secretary also suggested that in order to tackle the ongoing tension between the government’s targets to lower net migration and the important overseas student market, “we need to find a cleverer way to present the data”…

….His comments seemed to support the higher education’s long-running lobbying campaign to get international students removed from the net migration figures, which the government has pledged to cut from the “hundreds of thousands to the tens of thousands”.

Speaking today, Mr Cable said international students were “good for the country, good for universities” but that “one of the problems we have stems from a statistical anomaly in that the United Nations, in its wisdom, has classified overseas students as immigrants, which they are not”.

He added: “All the evidence suggests the British public do not see them as immigrants, but nonetheless they have got caught up in this torrid and emotional debate in the UK.”’

From The Guardian Higher Education: 

UK’s ‘absurd’ visa policies have hurt student recruitment from India

Vince Cable, business secretary, appears to support campaign to revise definition of migration to exclude those on student visas…

….The business secretary said the government’s restrictions have put overseas students at the centre of a “torrid and emotional” debate over immigration, that was triggered by “a statistical anomaly, in that the UN, in its wisdom, has classified overseas students as immigrants, which they are not,” with the result that increases in overseas student numbers “easily translated into a flood of immigrants”.’

At least someone sees the issue clearly and is not taken in by claims from anti immigration and anti population growth lobbies that international students are immigrants and UK is being overwhelmed.

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