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Study Abroad Europe University Degree in Prague

Anglo-American University (AAU) is the oldest private university in the Czech Republic. It was founded in 1990, shortly after the collapse of communism, as the Anglo-American College (AAC) by Jansen Raichl and Dr. Vlasta Raichlová. Their vision was to create an educational institution that would combine the best of American and British academic principles with Central European traditions.


AAU has consistently attracted strong credentials to its academic community. Today it prides itself with gifted undergraduate and graduate students from over 60 countries and a renowned multinational faculty trained at fine universities around the world, including Harvard, Yale, Stanford, Berkeley and others. AAU alumni have excelled in their professional careers and enjoy work worldwide in top positions in business, academia, politics, diplomacy and media.

AAU is also the first non-US university ever to be invited to apply for the WASC (Western Association of Schools and Colleges) institutional accreditation and has successfully passed the eligibility stage. Today, AAU is clearly the leading private university in the region and one of the most respected English language higher education institutions based in a non-English speaking country.

From 2005 Anglo-American University is enjoying unprecedented academic and economic growth. It has opened a wide range of graduate programs, has attracted high caliber professors and substantially broadened its own research activities. The number of registered students has multiplied without compromising the strict academic requirements for admission and study. Strong economic results have allowed AAU to make significant investments into stipend funds, campus development and enabled positions for top administrative professionals.

Faculties, Schools and Courses:

School of Business Administration

School of Humanities and Social Sciences

School of International Relations and Diplomacy

John H. Carey II School of Law

School of Journalism

For further advice, local information, study and visa application please contact Andrew Smith at AIEC Australian and International Education Centre in Budapest.

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