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457 Work Visa Immigration Politics

Work visas rorted with help of lengthy jobs list

Singer, potter, caravan park manager, grape grower – they are among almost 750 occupations eligible for the 457 visa program to fill skill shortages in Australia.


Workplace experts who have made submissions to the government on the legislation – expected to be voted on in Parliament on Tuesday – say the list must be culled to reduce rorting.


A Senate report tabled on Monday recommended passing the new laws to deter what the government says is the growing misuse of the temporary skilled worker visa system.


The laws, proposed by Immigration Minister Brendan O’Connor, include mandatory advertising and other activities to prove that a job was first offered in Australia; empowering 300 Fair Work Ombudsman inspectors to police rorting of the scheme; and giving a 457 worker who loses his or her sponsorship 90 days to find a new position, instead of the current 28.


Business groups have warned the changes will increase costs for employers.

The use of 457 visas by employers has grown strongly over the past decade, rising from about 40,000 in 2003 to 108,000 now – just short of the peak of 110,000 reached before the global financial crisis.


The top three industries using 457 visas are listed in Department of Immigration and Citizenship figures as “other services”, representing 12 per cent of entrants. (These are most likely to be IT and communications experts.)


They are followed by construction workers (11.7 per cent) and health care professionals (11 per cent). Cooks account for just over 4 per cent of new 457 visa applications – double what they were a year ago.”



More paranoia and xenophobia from ‘progressive’ media which views Australia and economy as a closed system that can be managed administratively…..


More information about 457 visas, employment, jobs and careers in Australia click through here.


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