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International Student Education Immigration News

“Universities are relegating overseas students to “de facto ghettos”, leaving one in five feeling “isolated” and alone, a survey has revealed, writes Lucy Sherriff for The Huffington Post UK.

The research found international students are often highly segregated, with 40% spending most of their time with students from their own country. Many feel their universities treat them as cash cows, with almost a third agreeing with the statement: “my university is only interested in the fees I pay”. (Huffington Post).”


A British university head warned in the 1980s that international students were viewed as “an expensive nuisance to be tolerated”.

International Students in Australia Immigration Permanent Residency Processing

“Foreign students have a marked impact on estimated graduation rates, according to the compilers of the Education at a Glance report. By definition, the students are considered first-time graduates, regardless of their previous education in other countries.

So an international student who enters and graduates from a second-degree programme will be considered a first-time graduate in the country of destination. And, because they have crossed borders with the intention to study and not necessarily to work or to stay in the country, they might increase the absolute number of graduates among the population.”

“INTERNATIONAL students are paying as much as 270 per cent more in tuition fees than the average domestic student in Australia. Where does it all go? Grace Yew investigates.

An annual report released by the New South Wales Auditor-General last month has revealed the average international student fee in Sydney to be 274 per cent ($21,741) higher than the average domestic fee in 2011.

According to the report, the course fees for an international student studying in 2011 had grown by almost 30 per cent from 2008 levels.

International student revenue was reportedly distributed evenly throughout each institution’s infrastructure, with the money going to areas such as libraries, research, investment, maintenance operations and general student services.” (Meld Magazine Melbourne)

Further, international students not only spend on accommodation, home stays, food, transport etc., but they also attract family and friends visit as tourists.

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