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Australian Muslim Politician Koran Oath

We’re not as diverse as we think we are.  As Ed Husic found out after using a Koran for his swearing in, it seems some Australians like their Muslims the way they like their women – not in a position of authority, writes Ruby Hamad.


For a country that prides itself on diversity, Australia shows an impressive resistance to politicians who exhibit any.


A mere week after Australia proved, in the most Shakespearian fashion, that it is “not ready for a female PM“, some Australians set out to demonstrate that we’re not ready for any politician that deviates from the familiar middle-aged, white, Christian, male variety.



Visually, Ed Husic looks the part, by which I mean his Bosnian heritage means he doesn’t “look” Muslim. But after he chose to take his oath on the Koran when Governor General Quentin Bryce swore him in as PM Rudd’s parliamentary secretary, the Facebook trolls came out in full force – on his own page – to remind him of how un-Australian he really is.

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