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Australia Benefits from Immigration

From Business Insider: Here’s A Huge Potential Benefit To Australia’s Economy From Migrants That No-One Talks About……But the section on immigration underlines how critical migration settings are to future growth, the continuing improvement of living standards, and the government’s ability to invest in education, health and infrastructure….

….In short, it’s that well-designed migration programs can build more sophisticated business and cultural links with overseas markets and position Australia better in the global economy.

As with the case of the construction manager who needed the engineer, the effects of migration programs can be complex, with significant flow-on effects that are difficult to link to the issuing of a visa.

Unfortunately while Australia has fairly rational public discussion on most policy areas, when it comes to immigration many people take leave of their senses and take up dog whistles instead.

But with Australians getting older the migration program is critical in order to pay to look after them and also have enough productive workers and taxpayers to keep the economy growing.

…..There are many factors that affect migration, only some of which can be controlled domestically. But with living standards here the second-highest in the world, decent infrastructure, and an extremely low unemployment rate, there’s a lot of built-in sustainable appeal for people if the country needs extra pairs of hands.

Then there’s this thought-provoking point about some of the hidden benefits of a smart immigration program:

‘A less talked about phenomenon … is the benefits that immigration may generate through the development and/or deepening of personal and business networks across countries. For example, data shows that most foreign investment inflows into Australia occurs from the US and UK, countries that Australia has historically shared common cultural values with…’

The crackdowns, negativity and alarmist headlines about 457 workers, international students, population growth, immigration etc. all have negative connotations in Australia, through concerted campaigning, with roots in the USA (targeting politicians and media with dodgy but alarmist data and research).

First, NOM or net overseas migration has been focused upon and those who are included e.g. temporaries (who stay 12/16 months +) are described as “immigrants” which suggests “runaway population growth”.  However most don’t seem to realise that it not only includes new permanent immigrants but also international students, backpackers, 457s, dependents plus Australians (returning home after living abroad) and New Zealanders.

There is no surprise, as a recent article by Malcom King in Online Opinion highlighted the influence of John Tanton’s Network in the USA, with links to Australia, “Stable Population Cuckoos Invade Australia

Further, the international education industry has been absolutely mute on our latent xenophobia which has impacted the sector immensely, even if it provides informal ambassadors for Australia.

Article here “Does Australia want International Students“also asks the international education industry if they want international students, as their mute response to outrageous xenophobic remarks from some in politics, media and public life, are left for mainstream Australia to make its own conclusions, generally xenophobic.


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  1. […] While it can be explained in Australian as merely politics, or the “poisonous politics of population”, there is no +ve industry coverage in mainstream media of immigration, international education etc.?  One example from Australian media in this blog: Australia Benefits from Immigration […]

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