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Australia New Liberal Government Student Visa Policy

From The Australian HigherEd:

Christopher Pyne to extend streamlined visa processing. SHADOW education minister Christopher Pyne has flagged he will extend streamlined visa processing beyond just universities if Coalition wins government as part of bid to boost international student market.

He criticised the government saying that as much as 18 months ago it had drawn up a list of 18 providers, including private providers, to which to extend streamlined visa processing to.

But he claimed the government hadn’t gone through with it because making it easier for students to gain visas, and therefore post-graduation work rights, conflicted with its clamp down on the misuse of 457 work visas.


from The Age in Melbourne:

Abbott government to increase post-study work rights for foreign students. An Abbott government would make it easier for foreign students to obtain post-study work rights in Australia as part of a Coalition push to repair the lucrative education export industry…..

…. But, he said, Labor had ”dropped good public policy … in favour of political decisions” by not granting overseas students more post-study visa rights while ”demonising” 457 visa holders.

”If we are fortunate to be elected we intend to try and quickly repair the international student market, to try and build that industry again,” Mr Pyne said.

Asked if the Coalition policy could lead to private colleges offering shonky courses purely as a way to residency, as had occurred in the past, Mr Pyne said that while there had been bad operators, he did not agree the system had been widely rorted. ”I think that is the rhetoric of the government,” he said.

A recent report by HSBC found Australia was the most expensive country in the world for foreign students, prompting calls for the next government to review Australia’s visa system and aggressively promote Australian education overseas.

The total number of overseas students had fallen almost 20 per cent since the peak of 472,214 in 2010, according to data from Australian Education International.

Australia’s international education activities generate more than $15 billion of export income a year, supporting more than 100,000 jobs.

Ironic that The Age, supposedly “progressive”, was the first media outlet to highlight various issues with international education and immigration 2007, but through stereotyping, with a negative view of all private colleges as “shonky” (registered and quality control monitored by state governments), while describing international students as “foreign students” (and preferring the “expert” input of Dr. Bob Birrell at Monash University, the demographic and immigration researcher who is yet to find anything positive about non European foreigners).

One Response to “Australia New Liberal Government Student Visa Policy”

  1. Good small private colleges have been hurting for no fault of their own making.

    it is about time they be granted SVP in their own rights.

    This will help the economy.

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