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Stable Population Party Australia ‘green-washing’ Racism

From Malcolm King on Online Opinion summary of article Stable Population Party ‘green-washing’ racism:

“The Stable Population Party (SPP) is using environmental and community groups to ‘green wash’ its anti-immigration message and split the Greens vote at the Federal election.

The SPP’s technique of ‘green washing’ local community groups comes first hand from American organisations such as John Tanton and the Social Contract Press, theFederation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) and especially Numbers USA. The SPP has direct and indirect links with the former and latter organisations.


Green washing is portraying oneself as pro-environment but camouflaging the anti-immigration motives. While the SPP’s rhetoric sits to the left of the Greens, its policies would find a home with the British National Party.


The SPP want to create a one in/one out immigration system, stop building houses for first home buyers, stop the Kiwis arriving, reduce child support payments and especially parental leave, stop 457 visas and slash international student numbers. This is unusual, as Australia doesn’t have a population problem. Africa does….


… The Washington Post on (February 13, 2013) reported that even Republicans have had enough of these anti-immigration groups. They accuse Numbers USA, the Center for Immigration Studies(CIS), and the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR), of masquerading as conservatives while “pressing an unorthodox agenda of strict population control that also has included backing for abortion, sterilization and other policies at odds with conservative ideology.”


… At the Federal election the SPP – which claims to be an environmental party – has preferenced One Nation, the Australian Motoring Party, the Shooters and Fishers Party, Palmer’s United Party, Family First and Katter’s Australian Party ahead of the Greens.

If one voted on SPP preference guidelines, you would support kicking out the Asians, raising tariffs, shooting wildlife in national parks, eschewing contraception, building more mines and raising jingoism to a fine art.


The SPA and SPP are the latest incarnation of the global Population Control movement. The anti-populationists invoke the concept of lebensraum. For them nations are bodies and political borders must accommodate biological processes of growth. They are fixated on boundaries, systems and limits to growth rather than potential.


Yet the SPP has done nothing to reduce Australian consumption rates, constrain extractive industries or hold polluters accountable. They’re working over time to convince environmentalists and community groups to do their dirty work by blaming immigrants for environmental degradation.


The SPP’s relationship with these offshore anti-immigration groups is dodgy. Its use of second hand and online ‘fellow-traveller’ sources to support its absurd and fantastical arguments, is the stuff of Dada. But they will get votes from the survivalists cradling guns, from the romper stompers and from a few former inner suburban Democrats who lost the plot many years ago.


The SPP’s aim is to split the Green Party vote, shaft immigrants and create Fortress Australia. Send them packing.”

According to PJ O’Rourke “overpopulation” was a guilt-free way for white liberals (and conservatives) to be racist…..

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  1. […] No surprise that they are informed by Dr. Bob Birrell of Monash University and white nativist  John Tanton’s anti immigration network which demonises non European foreigners and immigrants e.g. ‘Stable Population Party Australia ‘green-washing’ racism’. […]

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