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Australian Politics of Immigration Population Election 2013

Is it really about population? Or does this subjective analysis of population have a deeper agenda?

According to Tim Colebatch of The Age:

Melbourne bursting at the seams as population booms.  Melbourne’s population is swelling by 2 per cent a year, adding more than 900,000 people since this century began – and putting it on track to be a city of 8 million people by 2050.


The Bureau of Statistics estimates that in mid-2012, the city’s population was about to hit 4.25 million, after six boom years in which it grew by almost half a million.’


and cross referenced in Macrobusiness blog with:

Melbourne the parasite economy.  In 2010, Monash University’s director of the centre for population and urban research, Bob Birrell, labelled Melbourne a “parasite economy” in reference to way in which the state sucks financial resources from the mining states in order to support its growing population’  (some spruiking of Stable Population Party).


Both subjective and misleading as nowhere is there a distinction made between permanent and temporary residents (12/16 month rule) including international students, backpackers, temporary workers, NZs, returning Australian citizens and dependents, yet both are included in the NOM?

However, if The Age and Macrobusiness are happy to publicise the supposed “runaway population growth” meme while not acknowledging artificially inflated population growth due to a statistical anomaly, then one assumes it is promotion of the Stable Population Party SPP and their underlying philosophy?



SPP, along with Sustainable Population Party through Mark O’Connor, and Birrell, have formal and informal links with John Tanton and The Social Contract Press in the USA whether contributing articles or participating in FAIR Federation of Americans for Immigration Reform writer workshops.


From Bob Birrell in The Social Contract Press “Australia nation state. ….It is only in this broader context that one can appreciate why emigration and multiculturalism have been such contentious issues in Australia. The changes to Australian society wrought by migration and multiculturalism appear to have become potent symbols of the wider impact of the globalizing process. Thus the discomfiture of city and country people. I suspect that many of those who feel threatened by rapid social change also feel that migration and multiculturalism are linked to a larger loss of national “community” and thus the undermining of the Australian state’s willingness to defend their interests.



Links of interest:

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Kelvin Thompson has participated in FAIR events indirectly through another Tanton organisation, PFIR Progressives for Immigration Reform.

Follow up Birrell’s Immigration Report” Thoughtlines with Bob Carr, patron of SPP and friend of former Tanton colleague Paul Ehrlich.

ALEC SLLI – “Bipartisan Bigotry” Daily Kos profile of ALEC (and links with John Tanton),  Cory Bernardi is linked to ALEC. 

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