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International Student Work Rights Post Grad Visa Australia

Work rights ‘no threat’ to locals.  EDUCATIONALISTS have played down the impact that expanded post-study work rights could have on unemployed Australians, saying a stronger education export industry would create more jobs.


Last month Monash University demographer Bob Birrell said low-skilled Australian jobseekers were already under intense pressure from temporary visa holders such as working holiday makers. He said more generous post-study work rights for graduating international students would add to the pressure at a time of rising unemployment, making it harder than ever for vulnerable Australians to secure entry-level jobs in manufacturing, hospitality and other services.


Dr Birrell’s comments followed indications by Education Minister Christopher Pyne that he would “repair” the international education industry by reforming post-study work rights.”


Why is Birrell even asked to comment on any issue related to international education, immigration, employment, population growth etc. when everyone knows his input will be negative about “foreigners”?  Is it to satisfy the nativists’ demand for supposed balance?


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