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Australian International Education Rebuilding


In one of his first major speeches as education minister, Christopher Pyne says he is working on rebuilding the international education sector.

Minister Pyne says he wants to work collaboratively with the $US15 billion industry, which he says has to be rebuilt.

“There will be no more ‘thought bubbles’ and no more overreactions,” he said, referring to the Coalition’s view of the previous government’s initiatives.

The sector is still recovering from the collapse in 2009 of several vocational education providers which left thousands of students stranded.

There was also a high-profile series of criminal attacks on mainly Indian students.”


And the rest, xenophobia, conflation and inflation of statistics on population growth, misleading headlines, violence against students, dog whistling, state sector apportioning blame to ALL private colleges, lack of quality control, mismanagement of study to PR etc.


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