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New Immigration Bill UK International Education

From The Pie News:

UK sector concerned over new Immigration Bill.  A new Immigration Bill introduced in the UK that intends to make it harder for immigrants to overstay has been criticised by those in the sector who believe the bill will do nothing to improve the UK’s reputation with international students as a welcoming country.

New rules include landlords being required to ascertain valid visa status of their tenants; a levy required for accessing the country’s National Health Service (NHS); and stricter deportation rules and penalties for employers breaching employment law.

Daniel Stevens, NUS International Officer, pointed out that the new requirement on landlords carried a risk of racial profiling. “Landlord checks will lead to racial profiling by those seeking to avoid the complicated nature of checking someone’s immigration status, a requirement left until now to certified and trained individuals in the employ of the Home Office,” he said in a list of 10 concerns that the new bill raises….


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