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Anti Population Growth Advocates Australia Environmental or Racial Concern?

Fortress Australia: green washing the future.  Anti-immigration forces are skewing their argument to make it more acceptable.

Kelvin Thomson is wrong in Shane Green’s article in last week’s The Saturday Age, ”Is Melbourne too big for its own good?”…

 … The real story is that the environmental movement is under attack by anti-populationist and anti-immigration forces who are ”green washing” their anti-immigration policies to make them more palatable to the electorate.

Organisations such as Sustainable Population Australia (SPA) are using the currency of the environmental movement to push a social engineering agenda, which would have radical implications for Australian society and capitalism…

…I drilled down in to the figures and found that 120,000 are Australians returning from travel and New Zealanders who can enter under the Trans Tasman agreement. About 120,000 international students arrive each year on temporary visas. About two-thirds of the 200,000 temporary visas issued each year return to their home countries….

…It is rarely reported in the Australian media that the population of much of eastern Europe and Japan is falling. Indeed, over the next 40 years, the population in Europe will trend down. Having a skills-based immigration policy ensures that we have the know-how to build infrastructure for future generations.”

King is elaborates more on Sustainable Population Australia, Stable Population Party and their links to John Tanton in the USA, here ‘Stable Population Cuckoos Invade Australia’.

Right wing?  Not relevant left or right, although Tanton in the USA has links with the Tea Party and supports the blocking of immigration reform, it’s mostly “progressive media” in Australia who accept their claims at face value with fellow travellers including SPA’s Mark O’Connor, MP Kelvin Thomson, Senator Bob Carr, Dr. Bob Birrell (Healey, Betts et al) helping to propagate the over population meme.


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