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Study in Melbourne International Student Strategy and Transport


WHAT is the local government doing to support the large international student community living and studying in the City of Melbourne? Jordan Thompson outlines the key points you need to know in the recently released International Student Strategy Draft 2013-17…..


….Most recently, they have come up with a draft strategy outlining their goals for improving international student experience and transforming Melbourne into an “unparalleled Australian destination of choice” for overseas education.


Have your say:


The council is open to hearing your views, suggestions, and overall feedback, so this is a very good opportunity for you to help shape the strategy that will have a direct impact on your experience as an international student in Melbourne. You can provide your comments directly to the City of Melbourne by completing the survey online.

Transport discounts for international students. The Victorian government will introduce discounted public transport for international students from 2015.


But the new system may disappoint some students because the discounts will be available only on annual, full-fare Myki passes.


Final details of the three-year trial will be available next year. Students will be able to use the tickets on trains, trams and buses.

Another question what are state government’s Study in Melbourne office, education institutions and industry groupings doing themselves to gain feedback from international students and related to inform about welfare, quality and marketing (and informing mainstream Victoria)?

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