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Australian Media on Population Data and Immigration

Is Australia ready for 2.3 million more people?  Despite all the headlines, it’s not the boat people we need to worry about – it’s the other 2.3 million arriving tomorrow just when public investment in the nation is at an all-time low. That’s the investment necessary to accommodate the increased population and maintain our quality of life. Or not.

OK, it’s a slight exaggeration to say they’re turning up tomorrow, but it’s a bit like that from a historical perspective. And it may as well be tomorrow as far as our public preparedness goes.

The nation’s infrastructure, especially public transport, is groaning under its present load yet we’re adding 2.3 million over the next five years, roughly 40 per cent by birth, 60 per cent by immigration. (The actual new arrivals figure is bigger than that – this is the net population growth after some of us shuffle off.)

That’s far from a shocking discovery, but the reality of our population base and growth rate has crept up on us. It’s just mathematics that a population of 23 million growing at our present rate of 1.8 per cent means about 10 per cent more people in five years – 2.3 million….

Business perspective (boost investment) but using inflated NOM data which is then described as immigration….. while ignoring qualitative i.e. majority are neither permanent not have an intention to remain in Australia.  The most significant share of the “60 per cent by immigration” is temporaries such as students, backpackers, 457 workers, returning Australians, NZ’ers, dependents etc.

Remove the temps and our population growth would sink to well below 1%…..


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  1. […] article by Michael Pascoe in Fairfax’s SMH/The Age highlighted this more positively in “Is Australia ready for 2.3 million more people” (inflated by temporary residents included in population data) and was also referred to and […]

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