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Europe better for International Students not UK USA Australia

From the Times Higher Education Supplement


We push as Europe pulls.  Shoddy treatment of foreign students plays into the hands of continental rivals taking us on at our own anglophone game….

….As far as higher education is concerned, the home secretary’s focus last week was entirely on the abuse of student visas and her achievement in cutting incoming numbers (NOM?).

Speaking at a fringe event in Manchester, Paul Uppal, parliamentary private secretary to David Willetts, the universities and science minister, admitted that the campaign to remove students from the net migration count was, for now at least, a lost cause…

….And as we report this week, the dominance that the UK and a few others once had over the delivery of high-quality higher education in English can no longer be relied upon.

The number of courses taught in English by universities in continental Europe has increased 10-fold to almost 6,500 since 2002, according to new figures, with a 38 per cent rise in the 18 months to June alone. As Daniel Stevens, international students officer at the National Union of Students, points out, this could become a considerable “pull” as we push potential students away.

The traditional destinations to study in English, such as the US, the UK and Australia, are no longer a given,” Mr Stevens said. “Other countries are realising the benefits of attracting international students and, crucially, their governments are behind them, offering visas that include the chance of working afterwards.”


Related article from THES “Euro rivals adopt English in fight for overseas students“.

This has more to do with the influence of the “white nativist” movement (made up predominantly of bigoted ageing white males from both sides of politics in the angloworld) masquerading as concerned environmentalists e.g. Population Matters UK (in USA John Tanton network, in Australia Sustainable Population Australia and Monash University’s CPUR), which lobbies politicians, influences media and in turn alarms the populace with suggestions of “runaway immigration”, “high population growth” etc. In other words propagating xenophobic anti immigrant memes without supporting evidence, through conflation and confusion of statistical definitions to inflate data and headlines …

The net overseas migration NOM is predominantly temporary residents, not new permanent immigrants.

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