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International Education Recruitment Marketing Management Development

by Michael Waxman-Lenz, Co-founder and CEO of International Education Advantage (Intead):


Send your recruitment team back to business school.  Strategy classes are a staple for students in most business schools. Couldn’t universities – or all recruiters for that matter – take the brainpower and knowledge of their strategy professors and apply them to their own organisations?

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Enacting change

First of all, change does not come easily to any of us and certainly not to entire organisations.

Many times it takes a dramatic event or crises to enact change. My sense is that higher education has entered a phase, not of an ultimate crisis, but a number of converging factors driving change such as: technological change increasing access to content, reduction in state funding for research and teaching, limits of the ability to raise tuition, and changing consumer behaviour.

The prediction (see ICEF Monitor’s article “Goodbye university? Revolution vs. evolution of the current education model“) that 50% of all universities will go out of business in 50 years or less seems dramatic and exaggerated. Yet I think about changes in other industries that have been affected by the same factors during the past 20 years of my career: newspapers, travel agencies, and retailers selling books, videos, music, and greeting cards. Does it seem so dramatic that 50-100% of these businesses have disappeared? The activities have shifted to alternative channels or substitute products, mostly delivered digitally.’


Maybe start at the top? How about learning digital marketing and SEO for international education? One could add complacency, top down culture, senior personnel lacking skills e.g. digital marketing skills, public sector mentality, out of date job descriptions, focus upon preferred vs essential activity etc..

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