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International Student Immigrant Entrepreneur

As the global recession rumbles on, the need for highly skilled entrepreneurs – domestic or foreign – who can drive growth has never been clearer. Not surprisingly, then, some of the world’s biggest (or aspiring) economies are increasingly recognising a new kind of migrant – the settling “foreign student entrepreneur migrant”, or FSEM.

Many countries have offered more generous post-study work rights, giving talented students time to gain a foothold in the job market and apply for permanent residency. Australia, Canada, Germany, the Netherlands and Singapore have all been active in this regard over the last few years, introducing more flexible immigration policies in a bid to tackle skills gaps in their labour forces.

Others have launched more targeted initiatives, America’s StartUp Act in 2011 being one example. A lobbying group in the US has been vocal in pointing out that 40% of the 2010 Fortune 500 companies were founded by immigrants or their children.’

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