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University Exam Private Prep School Dershane Politics in Turkey


Turkey’s prep schools map out legal plan to fight possible ban.   Representatives of Turkey’s preparatory schools, specialized education centers that help prepare their students to pass the high school and university entrance examinations, have agreed on a legal plan to fight the possible adoption of legislation that would ban them.

The government has announced it is working on legislation to shut down all existing prep schools, arguing that they operate as a second education system. Opponents of the plan note that the prep schools are a consequence of the many inadequacies of Turkey’s schools and education system, and note that by offering tutoring at affordable prices, they help low-income students enter university.


Prep schools dissatisfied with gov’t assurance of consultation.   After a seven-hour Cabinet meeting on Monday to discuss an education bill aimed at banning private tutoring institutions that train students for high school and university entrance exams, government officials have promised to talk to prep school professionals about the issue, but sector representatives remain unconvinced that the government will listen to their side of the story.


EU says consultation with stakeholders on prep schools crucial.   The European Union has reacted to a recent government initiative to close down examination preparatory schools by stressing the importance of consultation with relevant stakeholders before any final decision is made.

In a statement to Today’s Zaman, the European Union Commission said it has no information on the Turkish government’s draft law but stressed that the issue needs the broadest possible consensus.’


This would be the equivalent of Navitas, Study Group, pathway colleges etc. being forced to close down….. leaving university preparation to whom…or investing more to improve the secondary school system?



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