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International Education Credit Transfer Articulation Partner Marketing

From ICEF Monitor: Does recruiting include transfer students?  So much of international student recruitment is concerned with attracting new students from their countries of origin, but what about recruitment from within the very significant populations of international students already engaged in some level of study abroad?

Students, for example, who are currently studying English as a Second Language in preparation for an academic programme. Or those who began their studies at a community college or in Australia’s case a TAFE or private college, and will need to transfer to a university to complete upper-level degree requirements………

Targeting transfer students

Partly as a function of increased competition, and partly due to an increasing awareness of the opportunity, more institutions are now adapting their recruitment efforts to better target transfer students.

This often means introducing new orientation or support services for incoming transfer students, providing specific admissions and liaison services for students transferring from other institutions, or development and promoting formal transfer programmes or links between institutions.

Higher Education Marketing notes the importance of effective messaging and calls to action for transfer students on recruitment websites:

“Keeping in mind that these students don’t follow one single path to the application path and are often not exposed to key messaging received by new prospects, your website maybe their first contact with your university to determine whether you are transfer friendly”.


  • Interesting points, but if these students, whether at home or abroad, are already studying in an institution, and/or online, how should this translate into a marketing strategy?
  • Although most if not all institutions will assess credit on previous study, and award for transfer to degree, many students are not aware.  For example, in Turkey many students and institutions think there must be a formal 2 + 2 or articulation for automatic credit, and don’t make an application….
  • Conversely, how does the degree awarding institution preserve their integrity if the articulation partner or source of transfer students, may use the former’s logo and name (unethically), for their own marketing?
  • Does the home assessment authority recognise all credits at the end of the degree, especially if not possible at home?






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